Withdrawal Policy

We kindly implore all members of Paid News to go through this withdrawal policy and understand them before submitting a withdrawal request. Submission of a withdrawal request form without, before or after reading the withdrawal request policy means you have agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions in the withdrawal request policy.

(1.) You are eligible to request for withdrawal if your total earnings from both referral and activities earnings when combined have reached ₦3000 naira only.

(2.) You are also eligible to withdraw all your referral earnings only if it is up to ₦1000.

(3.)You are also eligible to withdraw from your activities earning only if it is up to PNAE 3000.

(4.) Withdrawal fee is PNAE 500 . Make sure you have enough PNAE to cover the fees and the amount you are withdrawing.

(5.) Only one withdrawal request Submission is allowed for a specific request. Any withdrawal request that is submitted more than once will not be attended to at all. The member will have to wait till next payment period and submit a new withdrawal request once before getting paid.

(6.) Withdrawal Request will be cross checked against each member’s account to confirm their eligibility to Withdraw. Any user found ineligible after cross checking will not be paid.

(7.) Withdrawal Submission will be on every Friday and Payment will be on every Saturday.

(8.) Payment may take up to 72 hours before eligible members are paid depending on how long the Payment list is.

(9.) Please note that our resources to pay eligible members is limited to the revenue generated through your interactions on the site. Each member whose withdrawal request is not processed due to exhaustion of revenue/our resources will have to wait until the next payout window to submit a new withdrawal request.