Fellow Kogites we will be launching the ‘Stop GYB Movement’ in all the 21 Local Government Areas of Kogi state very soon.
I call on all Kogites to be resolute and determined in their decision to stop the continuing mindless pilfering of our common patrimony, by those who have legitimized executive banditry in the management of our collective resources. Together, let’s stop the unspeakable violence and tyranny which have since become state policy under the Yahaya Bello Administration.
We must be ready for Bello in our determination to give him double dose of whatever he introduces henceforth.
God is greater than Bello and his monstrous associates.
The will of the people of Kogi State shall prevail as we open the second curtain of our political activities for year 2019.
Never again shall we be victims of the Governor’s thuggish wickedness and satanic manifestations. The security agencies must as a matter of utmost urgency, check the lawless activities of the Governor’s aides, notably his police aide-de-camp and the others.
We shall petition the International Criminal Court, ICC, at the Hague, on the terrorist activities of Yahaya Bello and his minions. If Bello’s brutish mentors including Hissene Habre of Chad, Charles Taylor of Liberia and Laurent Gbagbo have been prosecuted and incarcerated for crimes against humanity, Bello is no less qualified to face the full wrath of the law.
In the aftermath of the electoral heist, the tyrannical coercion, the broad-daylight bestiality, the state-sponsored brigandage which we witnessed in our state in recent elections, it is germane, even imperative for us to initiate an immediate an post-mortem and chart the way forward.
We will call a ‘Save Kogi Conference’ soon to x-ray the liberalization of arms and ammunitions hitherto alien to our parts, the unprovoked assault on our people and killing of the innocent by the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Kogi State in a most desperate and blood-stained electioneering process.
We cannot afford to be disillusioned and depressed into despair and hopelessness. The battle to rescue our state from temporal opportunists is a battle of no retreat no surrender.
As a matter of urgency therefore, we must retool and be ready to reorganize and restrategize if we hope to make an impression at the November polls.
Effectively, we have just seven months to the gubernatorial election, where we will be confronting a multi-horned monster in the governor of our state and his brigade of desperately dangerous hoodlums, who have contributed to the regime of chicanery, stultification and insecurity which have become hallmarks of our state.
Wake up, Kogites!
It is not dawn yet.
In God we trust and through Him, we shall overcome.

Sen. Dino Melaye,
Stop GYB Movement

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Updated: March 14, 2019 — 12:59 pm


  1. Thanks for update , keep it on

  2. Why this people and problem are same alike, well God takes control

  3. In as much u don’t like the person, you have all the power to vote him out

  4. If that’s the wish of the people may the almighty God save them from the hand of the mighty tyrant. Amen

  5. Your vote is your power, use it wisely.

  6. God we are in your hands we don’t know what this country is turning into

  7. Nice development and movement

  8. One day am sure this country will be set free from the cabal

  9. Vote him out then, talking won’t solve anything.

  10. They should just make sure they vote wisely

  11. Free in election never happen in Nigeria before.

  12. We are in a selection method now are days

  13. It will get to time no body will come out for vote they should pick the person they need

  14. God will saves us in these country

  15. Really wish he is voted out

  16. May God help the city and free them

  17. Where have you people being since. Its now you are shouting Bello must go

    1. What i know is only power hand can remove power hand so let focus and beg God

  18. Bello must go i dey with you

  19. See that man is not going to vote out oo we have vote him in already. Remember the president is APC.

  20. Yea let’s d man go and neva com bac again, he has been disturbing d peace of dat state.

  21. can the please help stop the commition of aptitide test to enable our nigeria yourth gain admition fast.

  22. that man needs to go,really if any one here has being to kogi u will know what we are saying

  23. I pray the people’s wish is granted, cos these days in Nigeria’s election….people will cast their vote on whom they wish for but another person emerges as winner….may God help us all.

  24. May the will of God be done in kogi state.

  25. Bello as a young man is meant to bring great ideas that will help his people but he has allowed darkness to take over. He keeps on following el rufai and he’s one of pmb great allies.
    Just imagine

  26. Nigeria A sleeping giant under the sun when will you wakeup from your slumber

  27. Yahaya ballo is not human he’s heartless he doesn’t have sympathy for his people.

  28. Governor Yahaya Bello has to go coz he is just not adding any value to Kogi State

  29. After successful outing, dino is out to fight back. I trust dino he will do everything and anything to terminate bello’s administration.

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