Actress Wunmi Toriola blasts fan who asked her if marriage is an achievement

A popular Yoruba actress Wunmi Toriola recently went totally savage after a fan of hers commented on her page and asked a question. The screen diva had posted a picture of herself and this was what warranted the comment.

In the post she made, the actress had said something that sounded quite personal. She talked about how uncultured and razz she might be and how this has affected people’s perception of her.

But then, she said that, in spite of this, she possessed admirable qualities worth praising. The actress went on to extol and comfort herself for being blessed.

She then went on to tell those who did not like her for any reason to keep their negative vibes to themselves.

See the post below:

Wumi Triola’s post on IG

Yes she is uncultured,Razz(as fondly said),not posh but hey you got all the good qualities but hey LUCK DIDNOT smile on you,it means God is interested more in a beautiful heart and GRACE Decides to smile on me ,Fix it or kiss my ass.Goodafternoon

For some reason, a fan thought it the perfect opportunity to ask if marriage is an achievement that should be held in high regard. Wunmi answered this question but how she did it was pretty savage and epic.

See the dialogue below:

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Updated: April 18, 2019 — 12:52 pm


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