50 Cent mocks Floyd Mayweather for allegedly taking ex-girlfriend’s jewelry worth $3m

Rapper 50 Cent has mocked professional boxer Floyd Mayweather who has been accused of taking his ex-girlfriend’s jewelry.  Floyd Mayweather allegedly took the $3million worth of jewelry back from his exbShantel Jackson after their split.

According to Shantel Jackson, Mayweather took back a diamond ring worth $2.5 million, a set of ten carat diamond earrings worth a quarter million dollars, a $100,000 diamond bracelet, a $32,000 Chanel watch, a $21,000 Louis Vuitton lock necklace and a $20,000 diamond heart necklace.

This latest accusation is coming five years after she sued him for assault and battery. Reacting to the news, Mayweather’s former friend 50 Cent, who is known to troll the boxer, took to social media to make mockery of the situation.

“Champ took the shit back, huhnah I ain’t gonna lie I’d do the same shit. LOL Champ you not gonna win, she got Gloria Allred give her a mill or two and let her go before shit gets crazy”, he wrote.

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Updated: March 29, 2019 — 6:58 am


  1. Abeg make them resolve their problems and leave person alone

  2. When the devil wants to punish you, it first makes you mad
    That’s in the case of MayWeather

  3. there’s love in sharing

  4. very bad. let him just give her back and rest

  5. Rich people and their wahala is another thing entirely

  6. 50 is up to something like seriously I think he wants me p get in a ring fight with the dude soon

  7. everything involves money,without money plenty nonsense

  8. god i want to be rich like these people ooo

  9. Because you guys have issues now you collect everything you have with him back.. Woman and their thinking.

  10. Fake rumour spread fast.

  11. He caused it why will he take back what he as already giving to her

  12. Abeg he alone knows why he did what he did. Its a matter of if you don’t want me then you shouldn’t want my gift. Period

  13. 50 cent should mind his business, waytin concern am.

  14. Why making jest of him anyway?

  15. Nothing but an embarrassment

  16. I don’t see anything wrong in using one’s loved material.

  17. It is bad and also It is not bad because you don’t no where he/she got the jewelry from

  18. If proper investigation is carried out, the truth of the matter will be revealed.

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