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Registration on Yaaview is free of charge. After sign up, you are expected to read posts available on our website, comment on post, vote on post, submit post for publishing, share our post on social media and others.

For every activity (as highlighted above) you perform on the Yaaview Website, we reward you in two ways. The first way is the Activity reward called Yaav and the second is the Cashable reward denominated in Naira.

Activity reward (Yaav) balance can be used to partake in our regular cash giveaway that will be posted from time to time which might take the form of spinning of Cash Giveaway wheel, raffle draw, predicting the correct score of football matches and many other forms.

The cashable reward is the reward which you can request its payment into your bank account. You can earn cashable reward by inviting other people to our website, sharing our posts to your social media pages and winning our cash giveaway competition.

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