Rainy season must-haves for ladies

As is common with the rainy season, most people are tempted to stay tucked in bed with a cup of tea just to ensure they do not get wet or messed up in the rain. However, we all need to carry out our daily activities and because this does not stop the rain, we need not miss any important appointment.

With all these in mind, it is obvious that we cannot stop the rain, but we can always get ready for its ‘unannounced visit’.

1. A good Umbrella


The umbrella is a must have during the raining season. It cannot stop the rain, but it allows us cope in the rain, and protects your hair and clothes. Holding an umbrella usually seems stressful but you can decide to go for collapsible or fold-able umbrella.

2. Pick your outfit carefully


There are difficulties in choosing how to dress when it rains. However, you have to be conscious of poor drainage. Avoid wearing bright clothing or flip-flops. It may ruin your dress.

3. Invest in rubber shoes

Rubber shoes are perfect for the season. They are water friendly and very fashionable. There are varieties of rubber shoes, so pick one or several that suit you.

4. Get a tote bag

You most likely will not leave home without your phone, papers and documents because you may need them for work or business. Now, imagine your documents getting soaked on a bad raining day! It is therefore essential to carry your belongings in a water proof bag or wallet. A tote bag will do just fine.

5. Invest in sweaters

Cold most likely accompanies every downpour. It is therefore important that you cover up yourself nicely during this season. Wearing a sweater does not have to be boring. You can look really good in a sweater and not catch the flu.

6. Menthol

It will be wise to have some handy. It contains numbing ingredients that fights against cold.

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