Let’s Talk About Sex

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Let’s talk about Sex Education

When we mention the word sex, teens shy away and smile like it’s something they’ve never heard of it before. Sex, is the only thing everybody is aware of and are involves in one way or the other and not being able to boast of it except pregnant women.

Why most teens shy away from sex topic is because they never got very good orientation from the right source. So many people got their own idea of sex from friends, school mates and the Internet. And the Internet teaches very well what our parents left out in our upbringing.

Friends too introduce it to us like a cult group where you are member and can not be proud to say it. Peer group influence has spoilt the sexual life of so many kids so bad that by 13 some of them had started having abortions since you dare not report at home that you have a boyfriend let alone had sex and got pregnant. By 18 some young girls are no more satiable with the “little size” of the boys their age and opt for older and experienced men. The channel of getting this ideas is the reason for the secrecy.

So many youths were initiated into sex as early as age 9! It is a palling on the part of the parents. Because they don’t even talk as if sex exists. They never talk about it. But at one point in time they start asking you to bring home your girlfriend after telling you for years to stay away from girls. Funny, isn’t it? The most dreaded conversation between any parent and child is Sex education. Parents feel it is inappropriate to discuss baby-making with children of young age but that idea is wrong.

Parents in time of old made a little but frantic effort at sex education although it was negative orientation. My grandmother told me that when she had her first period, she was told never to be touched by a man. The ignorant teenager took it literally and made sure she did not come inbodily contact with any man. The Big question is, if no one taught the men of old, how did they make babies?

We need to start cleaning our yard before setting out to clean the world. We must start this sexual education at home for kids from age 9 for boys and age 8 for girls. Let you be free to discuss it with them so they don’t get educated from elsewhere.

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